urban grow Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Commercial and home growers

Built in drivers allow the Urban Grow FS110 to be daisy chained up to 50 times when using a 230 V power supply. Great for home and commercial growing.

For all stages of growth

Whether your propagating your crops to grow elsewhere, or growing from seed underneath these Full Spectrum LED’s, they are great for all stages of growth.

High efficacy and lots of light

With a range of different LED types covering a large range of the light spectrum, the Urban Grow FS110 Grow Light has a high efficacy of 2.4 µmol/j.


Used by Commercial Micro greens growers in Southern Sweden, the Urban Grow FS110 produces high quality, great tasting micro greens for a number of restaurants and food establishments.

With a high light output and low energy usage combined with the ability to link up to 50 lights at a time, make it an ideal choice for this setup.

Samsung Chips

The warm white (3000k) to white (5000k) LED chips on the Urban Grow FS110 Grow Light use Samsung chips.

These are high quality, long lasting LED chips, that produce a consistent light over a very long life span.

Samsung have led, and continue to lead the way in the LED Chips industry and with good reason.

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Full Spectrum report

Here you can find the PDF download to the Full Spectrum test report.

Included is the Spectral power distribution (SPD) graph as pictured.

Click button below to download the PDF.