Full Spectrum LED
Grow Light

Let’s GROW!

For all the kitchen growers, vertical farmers, and microgreens masters.

FS110 Full Spectrum grow light

The Urban Grow FS110 LED grow lights, featuring built-in drivers and threaded M15 connectors with a higher rating of IP67, can withstand all standard growing environments. Microgreens, Vertical farming, Grow Tent setups and more.

50 cm ip67 extension cord

Male to Female M15 connection 50 cm extension cord (IP67). For longer reaches such as down or across to the next set of shelves, or up and over your vertical farming solution.

180 cm euro power cord

C type EURO plug power cord 180 cm. Features an IP67 rated M15 connector for powering the LED Grow Lights, and keeping any unwanted water out.

Avaliable on amazon

With their superiour fullfilment network, fast shipping and large array of products, I hope to get you growing in no time at all!

From seed to flower.

Full spectrum using SAMSUNG LED

Samsung LED Illuminated logo, Illuminated by Samsung, Samsung LED chips, LM281b chips 3000k and 5000k, LED Grow lights, LED Chips

samsung LED illuminated

Using high quality long lasting chips from a large manufacturer like Samsung, means your can be sure your Grow Light will produce the highest quality light to take your plant through all stages of growth.

Full length LED Grow Light strip with IP67 M15 connectors at either end.

Built in drivers

With threaded IP67 M15 connectors and built in drivers, the Urban Grow FS110 has an IP65 rating and can be linked up to 50 times when using a 230 V power supply. This makes it perfect for home and commercial use.

For all stages of growth

This Full Spectrum LED Grow Light has a range of LED chips including 3000k, 5000k, 660nm, IR, and UV. This gives your plant every bit of the light spectrum it needs to get from seeding to vegetative, and even flowering.